Plenty to scroll through on this dynamic homepage

This impressive homepage engages visitors by immediately offering them calls to action - there are several eye-catching banners, as well as a visual display of the available service categories. Featured content is arranged in a visually pleasing alternating arrangement, complete with plenty of visual elements and constant calls to action. Finally, a comprehensive footer includes all the necessary information for visitors seeking at-a-glance content.

Homepage Website Design

The latest in design trends for the about page

This page features plenty of flat design elements, including minimalistic icons and visual elements. Arranged in a user-friendly alternating pattern, there is copious amounts of information, along with yet another design trend - ghost buttons - calling visitors to action throughout the page.

Website design to the about us page

A detailed detail page

This detail page for pool services offers plenty of valuable information, arranged at-a-glance. It is not overwhelming due to the smart use of checklists and spacing, as well as a small gallery following the text. A visual phone number display and short form along the right side of the page invite users to get in touch with the company, promoting conversion and time spent on the site.

Service Detail website design

A cool and collected blog page

The Impress Pools blog page features clean design and an engaging thumbnail for each blog post. Each blog entry requires users to click through the read the article, promoting click-through rates and time spent on the website in general.

Blog website design

Specials that are short and sweet

This specials page uses the recurring theme of alternating text and image placement. Each special includes a brief description, followed by an intuitive call to action with another recurring design element - ghost buttons. This page allows visitors to view specials quickly and easily, and invites them to interact with the website and request further information.

Specials website design back to top


世界杯足球赛2022赛程表 created a visually stunning, dynamic website for Impress Pool Services, a GTA pool company that specializes in pool cleaning and maintenance services. Their website features a vibrant design and incorporates the latest trends: it boasts elements of flat design, ghost buttons and a fully mobile responsive design. Administrators can update content, add pages, change images and more using their WordPress-based content management system (CMS) platform. Regardless of the screen size, their website looks and functions beautifully! To learn more about how 世界杯足球赛2022赛程表 can help propel your business forward this year, contact us today!

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