Dynamic homepage design

This homepage has an eye-catching design that also serves to engage visitors with the website. It begins with 4 major categories to help direct visitors towards pertinent information. When visitors continue scrolling, they are met with additional information, as well as a selection of featured listings that may be of interest to them. Finally, the footer on the homepage condenses all the necessary information, from the phone number to social media links, allows visitors an additional opportunity to engage.

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Featured Properties - more than just a gallery

The featured properties page on this website is a dynamic display of the available properties for visitors to browse through. Each listing thumbnail includes an image and brief points designed to allow visitors at-a-glance information, while drawing them in to click through for further details with subtle yet effective image dynamics. Sold and rented listings remain, allowing visitors to the website to see previous successes, increasing trust.

Shop a Property Featured Properties

A page to engage potential buyers

The buyers page on this website offers plenty of information and visual stimuli. Touching on major concepts relating to purchasing a property, this webpage offers visitors calls to action in order to engage them with the website, as well as a multitude of visual elements to keep them engaged and scrolling.

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Shop a Property is a real estate website designed to help clients connect with one of the GTA’s top real estate agents to buy, sell, or rent property. It also functions as an information hub for listings, relevant articles and more. 世界杯足球赛2022赛程表 designed this custom website to reflect the clean, urban style of modern real estate, including a completely custom design and a custom content management system (CMS). The CMS allows the administrator to add posts, update listings, change text and images, and more! This custom site also features a wide-screen design, dynamic design elements, integrated mortgage calculator and live chat! To learn more about how 世界杯足球赛2022赛程表 can help your business, contact us today!

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